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We Buy Your House As Is
(Even At Its Worst Condition)
and Make You A Fair, Reasonable
No-Obligation Cash Offer
The Easy, Hassle-Free Way to
Sell Your House in the Next 30 Days
and Pocket More Money…
Is This You?
You Want to Sell Your House Fast
If so, we buy it as is. No need for repairs. No need to clean it. We’ll handle it.
You Want a Fair Cash Offer
Great! We offer a fair and reasonable cash offer we guarantee you’ll love
You Want It Done on Your Schedule
We buy your house. We pay with cash. We close the deal as quickly as you want --- usually in under 30 days
We Take the Stress Out of Selling Your Property
Whether you want to relocate fast… got stuck with a property you don’t want… or simply can’t afford to maintain it anymore, we’re here to help you.

We buy your house at ANY condition. No need repairs. No need for cleaning. So you actually save time and make MORE money.


Because you don’t have to go through the costly experience of getting repairs completed.
 Bad condition? No problem.
 Leaky pipes? Let us handle that.
 Significant damage due to accidents? We’ll still give you a fair price.
 Got tenant issues, probates and foreclosures ? We'll help you with that, too. No more headaches from your tenants.
Look, we know you’re busy. You have other things to do. So we want to make this as easy for you as possible.

We want to eliminate the headaches, stress, and complications of selling a house.

Contact us. Tell us about your property. After that, we’ll send you a NO-OBLIGATION straight cash offer.

If you agree, you’ll have cash in your hands and your property OUT of your hands in 30 days or less.

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Here's How It Works...
You tell us about your property.
We visit your property.
We send a fair, reasonable, and no-obligation offer.
Once we’ve agreed, we pay straight cash.
We close the deal as quickly as you want (typically in 30 days or less).
Some Of The Houses We’ve Bought
One of our many satisfied customers...

 Rich Mura

The best thing I ever did was contacting Atlantic Acquisitions. Leo and his partner AJ gave me a fair and equitable price for my home.
And I have to say AJ was patient and explained everything that it was that I had to do along the way. He was more than willing and able to answer all of my questions, of which I had many. 
What Makes Us Different
10+ Years of Real Estate Experience
We know the real estate like the back of our hand. So we can offer you the market BEST PRICE for your property.
Provide You with Legal Advice
Are you dealing with Foreclosures? Probates? We have lawyers and experts who can assist you. 
100% Customer Satisfaction
Our aim is to give you a pleasurable, hassle-free experience --- from the first contact to closing the sale to the turnover.
Right Now, You Have Three Options...
You spend extra cash to pay all kinds of repairs.

You also have to find prospects, sell the property, and make sure it’s presentable at ALL TIMES.
Option #2:
Contact a Real Estate Agent
Get someone who will charge you thousands of dollars. They won’t even guarantee they’ll make the sale. 

PLUS, they’ll charge you a commission when they sell it.
Option #3:
Call Us Today
We buy your house. You save time and make more money. Fast, easy, and hassle-free.

Contact us now to get fair and reasonable offer.
You Have Nothing to Lose
and Everything to Gain
If you want to sell your property fast, then click the link below.

You tell us about your home. We visit. We give you a fair, reasonable and no-obligation offer.

Once you accept, we pay you with cash.

After that, we close the transaction in 30 days or less and let us take the property out of your hands.

If that’s what you want...
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Copyright 2019 - Atlantic Acquisitions LLC - All Rights Reserved
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